Polyethylene Wax

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A variety of polyethylene wax grades are available, including polymerization, modified polymerization, and thermally cracked polymerization. Its molecular structure enables it to outperform natural waxes as a slip agent, dispersant, resin modifier, and mold release agent

Synthetic waxes have the following performance characteristics and properties:

  • A solid or semisolid substance at room temperature
  • The melting point is low, melting at 150°C at room temperature
  • Low molecular weight crystalline resin
  • Low molecular weight; 300 ~10,000

Since polyethylene wax is an ethylene homopolymer, it is linear and crystalline. This material finds uses in rubber production, blends, and plastic additives. In addition to its high crystalline nature, this material is hard and insoluble in a broad range of solvents.

Polyethylene wax has a low polydispersity and molecular weight. In addition to being highly resistant to chemical attacks, the material is also highly heat stable and can be formulated very easily.

An overview of PE wax characteristics

  • Softening point is high
  • Melting point Is hight
  • Thermal stability is excellent
  • Chemical resistance is high
  • Compatibility with wax varieties is excellent
  • Perfect lubrication

PE wax application

The unique polymer properties of polyethylene waxes make them useful for a wide range of applications. Its main purposes in a formula are either lubrication or physical modification by modifying the viscosity and melt point.

  • In the masterbatch process, polyethylene wax increases the dispersion of inorganic and organic pigments in Matrix polymer
  • Using polyethylene wax as an external lubricant is most effective for lubricating PVC. The final product face is shiny when PE wax is used in PVC applications
  • The use of polyethylene wax reduces friction, thereby enhancing the extrusion process.
  • PE wax has an excellent oxidation resistance, so using it does not change the color of the finished product.
  • Heat and light stability of products are not adversely affected by polyethylene wax because it contains no remnant catalysts.
  • Polyethylene wax increases the light stability of the final product.
  • PE wax doesn’t contain toxic materials, so it can use in food packaging applications.

PE Wax classification

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