Super impact PA6,6

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Modification of impacts for general applications

A low level of impact correction is included in the impact correction for general use. for example;

  • To prevent cracking, it corrects the impact in parts placed in weather conditions.
  • At room temperature, the part has good impact strength, while at low temperatures (below zero degrees Celsius), impact strength is not required.
  • A small amount of impact modifier is required for most of these applications. The amount is usually less than 10% by weight. In contrast, impact modifiers should not contain active or reactive groups.

Application of impact modification at low temperatures

Ductility and fracture resistance at low temperatures are required in applications requiring low temperature impact strength and low temperature fracture resistance. The amount of modifier is about 5-15% of the reactive modifier in these cases.

پلی آمید 66 ابر ضربه پذیر

Dispersed phases must have the following parameters:

  • By adding a rubber phase to polyamide, the product will have dampening properties. It is also common to use polymers with a glass transition temperature and low crystallinity. Polyolefin copolymers are good choices for low-temperature toughness since they have a low glass transition temperature.
  • Toughness depends on the adhesion of the dispersed phases to the polymer matrix. If adhesion is low and improper, cracks may start, grow, and cause the part to fail. Good adhesion requires specific surface interactions. Surface tension is reduced by amphiphilic copolymers, thereby enhancing adhesion. In addition, other parameters such as the size and stability of the dispersed phase affect compatibility with the polymer matrix and will influence the final mechanical properties.

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