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Mixing and alloying polymers have led to the development of materials with excellent properties. This has led to the use of polymers in a variety of industries, particularly the automotive industry. As a result of alloying, properties such as increased strength, impact resistance at low-temperature, and good colorability are usually enhanced. For automotive applications, these properties are extremely significant. One of the most useful alloys for car interiors is PC/ABS alloy. In engineering thermoplastics, polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PC/ABS) is made from an alloy of PC and ABS, and its properties depend on how much PC and ABS are mixed in the mixture, what molecular weight of polycarbonate is present, and what thermoplastic additives are included.

A product’s thermal resistance is significantly affected by the ratio of PC and ABS. The toughness and heat resistance of PC, coupled with the toughness and processability of ABS, have attracted the attention of manufacturers and industrialists. As an alternative to PC, this alloy is also more affordable.



Mechanical Properties PC/ABS

A PC-ABS alloy has good mechanical properties, making it one of the most widely used engineering thermoplastics worldwide

It exhibits high strength and stiffness, excellent impact resistance, and is high temperature resistant. In addition to its excellent flowability and processability, PC-ABS maintains its dimensional stability for a long period of time. Design freedom is increased when working with PC-ABS because it is dyeable and printable. This alloy’s properties are listed in the table below.

Value Property
5,900 psi Tensile strength
9,800 psi Flexural strength
278,000 psi Tensile modulus
280,000 psi Flexural modulus
 110°C Heat deflection @ 66 psi


Despite its versatility, PC-ABS has some disadvantages. Although PC-ABS has high strength, it has poor weathering and fatigue strength. Also, the material has low chemical, UV, and oxidation resistance, but engineers can improve these properties by reinforcing it with fibers or thermoplastic additives.

Application PC-ABS alloy

A major application of polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is in the automotive and electronics industries.

This alloy can also be used for:

  • Glowbox
  • Ceiling and middle consoles
  • The back of the chair
  • Found in common consumer electronics, including TV enclosures, monitor enclosures, and laptops


PC-ABS alloy is very effective in a wide range of industries. Get the daily price of PC-ABS alloy from us if you want to buy PC/ABS. If you would like more information on the price of PC-ABS alloy, you can contact our colleagues in the sales unit.

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