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The choice and buy Polypropylene compound is different according to the industry and the product in question. In order to buy the right PP, we must first have sufficient knowledge about the characteristics and application of various types of Polypropylene . To inquire about the price of Polypropylene compounds and advice on choosing the right compound, contact Dan Polymer Company, the producer of various types of PP compounds.

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer made from raw PP (homopolymer, random-copolymer, or Block-copolymer) with additives such as impact modifiers, fillers, reinforcements, pigments, and additives to achieve better mechanical and physical properties. Propylene compounds have a wide range of physical and mechanical properties and have extensive applications in various industries.


Typical PP compound

  • Polypropylene reinforced with fibers: One of the common modifiers used in preparing polypropylene compounds is glass fibers because it creates a good balance between properties and costs. Polypropylene compounds contain glass fibers, increased impact strength, creep resistance, and reduced shrinkage in the manufactured products. Of course, In this compound, the critical issue is the good interaction of polypropylene with fibers. The mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of PP compounds contain high glass fibers significantly more than the reinforced PP with short glass fibers. Therefore, One of the essential factors in fiber-reinforced polymers is the length of the fibers. Fibers are usually used 10 to 40 percent.
  • Polypropylene reinforced with talc: Talc is one of the most popular and common fillers. The polypropylene-filled compound is made by a combination of polypropylene homopolymer with fine talc grade, along with other additives. Adding fillers such as talc leads to increased creep resistance, dimensional stability, mechanical properties, polymer thermal resistance, reduced cost, reduction of shrinkage, and reduced cycle time in the injection process.
  • Polypropylene reinforced with EPDM: The homogeneous dispersion of EPDM particles in PP leads to rubbery properties. As a result, flexibility and impact strength are increased.

Polypropylene compound Application

PP compound is widely used in various industries, which can be mentioned:

  • Packing
  • Automobile
  • Medical Equipment
  • Film
  • Pipe
  • Home Appliances

PP Compounds for automobile Application

In the table below, Mineral fillers are added to the polypropylene compounds to achieve better performance. Considering the cost, performance, and process issues of the glass fibers and talc fillers in the polypropylene compounds, they have been widely used in the automotive industry.

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