Polyamide 6,6 (PA6,6) reinforced with Glass Fiber

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Polyamide 6,6 reinforced with glass fibers exhibit excellent mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, creep strength, and stability. As a result, PA6,6 reinforced with glass fibers is suitable for parts that are exposed to high static loads at high temperatures for a long period. Due to the addition of black color to PA6,6 reinforced with black glass fibers, UV protection is provided for applications that require weather resistance.

PA6,6/GF can also be used to manufacture electrical insulating components with flame-retardant properties. The flame retardant properties of these parts are improved with flame retardant additives. Red phosphorus (RP) is added to PA6,6/GF in order to achieve dielectric and flame-retardant properties.

Dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties of electrical insulation components are equally essential as flame retardant properties. Mechanical properties and dimensional stability of glass fiber-reinforced PA6,6 is not affected by RP. Dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties of PA6,6 products reinforced with glass fibers are influenced by injection molding process conditions and environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature. Due to their high polarity, polyamide 6,6 tend to absorb water molecules. In environments with high temperatures and high humidity, moisture absorption increases, which affects dimensional stability.


PA6,6/GF Properties

There are several advantages of polyamide 6,6, such as high specific strength, excellent heat resistance, electrical properties, wear resistance, impact resistance, ease of processing, low production costs, high efficiency, and economics.

PA6,6/GF Application

PA6,6/GF Application

Dan Polymer’s PA6,6 reinforced with Glass fiber

Product Description
Dan-PA6,6-30G PA6,6 reinforced with 30% Glass Fiber
Dan-PA6,6-40G PA6,6 reinforced with 40% Glass Fiber
Dan-PA6,6-50G PA6,6 reinforced with 50% Glass Fiber

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