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The choice and buy polyethylene compound is different according to the industry and the product in question. In order to buy the right PE, we must first have sufficient knowledge about the characteristics and application of various types of polyethylene. To inquire about the price of polyethylene compounds and advice on choosing the right compound, contact Dan Polymer Company, the producer of various types of PE compounds.


Compounding is an easy and cost-effective way that improves and facilitates processability by adding various additives. Also, products with different applications can be produced using compounding.

In polymer compounds, the tendency is to modify the polymer to achieve specific properties and to maintain physical, mechanical, and other properties simultaneously. During compounding, one or two more additives are completely dispersed to achieve the appropriate formulation, the desired properties, the final product, or the process improvement. Therefore, during the polymer process; Severe changes in mechanical and physical properties occur with a decrease or increase in molecular weight. These changes are due to fusion, breakage of chains, or crosslinks.

Also, compounding may improve the electrical and thermal properties, rheological behavior, flammability, UV resistance, weathering, physical bonding, surface activity, absorption properties, and impermeability.

What is polyethylene compound?

One of the most widely used compounds around the world is polyethylene compounds. According to the type of polyethylene used in it, polyethylene compound has properties such as good mechanical properties, low electrical properties, good resistance to chemicals, lack of moisture absorption, high resistance to sunlight, etc. On the other hand, the reasonable price of this compound has attracted attention. Polyethylene compound contains polyethylene and other suitable additives for producing the desired product. This compound has a diverse career in manufacturing a wide range of products through various processes such as extrusion, injection, blown film, etc.

Additives used in polyethylene compound:

However, The additives used can be solid, rubbery, liquid, or even gaseous. Common additives are listed below:

  • Stabilizers
  • Fillers
  • Plastic sizes
  • Lubricants
  • Pigments
  • Blowing factor
  • Crosslinking agent
  • UV

Some additives are used in a variety of applications and some are used only in specific applications

Compound manufacturers should be aware of the synergistic and anti-synergistic effects of additives used in the preparation of polyethylene compounds. In particular, the anti-synergistic effect of additives reduces the effect. Some of these are listed in the table below:

anti-synergistic synergistic
HALS + thioesters Phenolic Ao+ Phosphites
HALS + acidic carbon black Phenolic Ao+ dialkyldithiocarbamates
HALS + some phenolic AO UV absorbers + Phenolic AO
Silica + erucamide Phenolica AO + Kemamine TM AS 990
Talc/silica + Processing Aid Sulfur containing AO + carbon black
IrganoxTM1010+DHT-4A UVA + HALS
Zinc estearate+ercamide UVA+nickel dithiocarbamates
Calcium stearate + UVA Phenolic AO+ Zinc thiolate

Mineral additives such as silica and talc can reduce the antioxidant effect by absorbing them on their surface. Sometimes compound manufacturers add an epoxy compound with a talc coating, reducing the absorption of antioxidants. Similarly, with the help of fluoropolymer processes, polyethylene glycol can prevent the adsorption of excess fluoropolymer on talc. Silica anti-blocking agent reduces the lubricating function of erucamide lubricants. This is due to the high adsorption of erucamide on the silica surface and its immobility.

Application of polyethylene compound:

  • Pipes and fittings (drinking water, sewage, agriculture, chemical, oil, gas, etc.)
  • Cables and wires (telecommunications, industrial, building, etc.)
  • Film and sheets
  • Other

Making polymer sheet with pe compound The use of polyethylene compounds in the construction of pipes and fittings Application of polyethylene compound in making wire

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