Polypropylene reinforced with Glass Fiber

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Glass Fiber

Fiberglass is commonly used as a reinforcing material in thermoplastic composite Fiberglass has good tensile, compressive, impact strength, and excellent modulus of elasticity. Additionally, it is resistant to high temperatures, moisture absorption, dimensional stability, and weathering.

Polypropylene reinforced with Glass fiber

The good balance between properties and cost makes glass fibers an ideal reinforcement for polypropylene. The final properties of polymers depend on the strength and stability of the interface between them and fibers. Fibers are not effective as reinforcement when there is a lack of adhesion. Environmental conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, or stress fields can damage the adhesion between phases. Polypropylene (PP) is a nonpolar polymer that has poor interfacial adhesion to short glass fibers (SGF). It is possible to solve this problem during compounding by using a coupling agent or increasing surface roughness

The most commonly used method to improve adhesion between phases is a surface modification of glass fibers and polymers or a combination of both.

Properties PP/GF

Reinforced polypropylene with glass fibers has improved strength, dimensional stability, and warp resistance. When polypropylene-reinforced glass fiber is used, HDT temperature reaches 300 °F (150 °C). Polypropylene reinforced with 40% glass fibers had a half-reduced coefficient of thermal expansion. In addition, the tensile and bending strength is improved significantly when the coupling chemical agent is used in polypropylene reinforced with glass fibers.

Advantages and disadvantages of PP/GF

Advantages and disadvantages of PP GF en

Application of PP/GF

Application of PP GF en

DanPolymer’s PP/GF compound

Product Description TDS
Dan-PP-W20G PP reinforced with 20% Glass fiber
Dan-PP-W30G PP reinforced with 30% Glass fiber
Dan-PP-W40G PP reinforced with 40% Glass fiber
Dan-PP-50G PP reinforced with 50% Glass fiber

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Polypropylene compounds reinforced with glass fibers are widely used in the industry due to their cost, lightness, and excellent mechanical properties. If you would like more information about the price of PP/GF, please contact our sales experts.

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