Polypropylene Filled Calcium Carbonate

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Polypropylene (PP) is a widely used commercial polymer in various industries, such as home appliances, construction, automobiles, and industrial appliances. Due to its attractive properties, low cost, and ease of processing. In comparison with other polymers, it shows an increase in demand. Polymers are rarely used neatly and are usually filled with mineral fillers. Fillers are commonly used in the industry to extend thermoplastics and enhance their properties. Filling with rigid inorganic particles significantly improves the modulus of elasticity, hardness, tensile stress at break, and melt viscosity. The most widely used fillers in the industry include calcium carbonate, mica, and talc. In PP, calcium carbonate is one of the most commonly used ingredients due to its low cost and readily usable form.

Properties: PP filled with CaCO3

Calcium carbonate improves the following properties of PP:

  • Enhancement of modulus
  • Reducing yield stress
  • Increasing tensile strength
  • Increases crystallization and its maximum temperature
  • Improving crystallization
  • Increasing impact resistance
  • Low cost

Calcium carbonate should have the following characteristics


  • Very fine granularity, very high specific surface area, and a high degree of purity
  • Particle dispersion must be very limited
  • The inability to absorb moisture
  • Being neutral and non-corrosive due to its organic coating
  • Good flow and lubrication, no dust during production

Application of PP/CaCO3

Polypropylene can produce products in various ways, such as injection molding, extrusion, blown film, sheet and tube production, and single-strand and blow molding. PP and calcium carbonate are combined to produce products such as Pipe, household appliances, Sheets, Automobiles, Electrical appliances, Furniture, etc.


Polypropylene Filled Calcium Carbonate compound

Product Description TDS
Dan-PP-10C PP Filled with 10% Calcium Carbonate
Dan-PP-20C PP Filled with 20% Calcium Carbonate
Dan-PP-30C PP Filled with 30% Calcium Carbonate
Dan-PP-40C PP Filled with 40% Calcium Carbonate
Dan-PP-50C PP Filled with 50% Calcium Carbonate

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