Polypropylene compound for silent Pipe

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In recent years, requirements regarding drainage pipes in buildings have been considered to improve the lives of people. According to the GBJ 118-2010 standard, the sound of pipes in the bedroom should not exceed 30-40 dB at night. Sound levels of drainage pipes and pipe connections exceeded 40 dB during experimental tests. The pipes create a lot of noise, which disrupts sleep, causes headaches, etc. In order to solve this problem, much attention has been paid.

PP Pipe

Polypropylene pipes have features such as non-toxicity, non-corrosion, high-temperature resistance, no leakage, lightweight, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall, low-pressure drop in the system, and high water flow rate, and are widely used for pipelines. It is used for urban drinking water and transportation of slurry materials. Therefore, many efforts have been made to make the pipes made of it silent by adding fillers.


Structure of silent pipes

These pipes are designed to reduce noise in sewage and rainwater drainage systems. Three layers make up the structure of these pipes:

2- The first layer is polypropylene, which is chemical- and wear-resistant.

2- The middle layer is made of a polypropylene compound containing minerals that are resistant to sound.

3 – Polypropylene outer layer that is impact-resistant

Structure of silent pipes

Advantages of PP compound for silent Pipe

  • noise reduction; Sound absorption in these pipes is better than cast iron pipes.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to high temperatures; at a temperature of 95 °C for a long period of time
  • Excellent impact strength: The hard outer layer not only protects the middle layer, but also creates a tube with anti-impact properties.
  • Environmental performance: polypropylene is non-toxic and recyclable.

Application of Silent PP Pipe

  • Hot and cold water piping systems
  • Sewage piping system
  • Internal devices and building infrastructure equipment such as fans


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