Super Impactable Polyamide 6

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Polyamides have attracted the attention of industrialists, especially in the automotive industry, due to their excellent properties such as thermal stability, dimensional stability, very low shrinkage in the process, high mechanical properties and low creep. But during the application of impact, it does not show proper impact strength, so impact modifier is needed to improve impact strength.

Impact modifier is added to polymers to improve their toughness. According to the application of the final product and the initial structure of the polymer, it is possible to prepare a polymer with different impact resistance. Super impact strength is required for applications where the component does not fail if an impact is applied at high speed at low temperatures (range -30 to -40°C). Also, impact modifiers can improve the following properties:

  • Mechanical and optical properties
  • weather conditions
  • processability
  • Flammability
  • Thermal deformation temperature

The mechanism of action of the impact modifier:

Impact modifiers absorb or dissipate impact energy due to their elastomeric and rubbery nature. Impact modifiers can be added to the desired polymer in two ways:

the first way, during the polymerization process into the reactor, and the second way, as an additive in the compounding process. In the following, their mechanism of action is discussed.

Crack growth

The mechanism and nature of the impact modifier is to diffuse into the brittle matrix, which forms a damping phase capable of absorbing energy and preventing crack growth.

Shear Band/Cavitation

The second mechanism is that shear bands are formed around the rubber particles, which absorb the deformation energy. This mechanism is always accompanied by a cavity of energy-dissipating particles (having the appearance of a cavity) that absorbs energy. However, the emergence of shear bands absorbs more energy.

پلی‌آمید 6 ابرضربه‌پذیر

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