Optical Brightener Masterbatch

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Optical Brightener Masterbatches are added to polymers to reduce yellowing, improve whiteness, and enhance brightness. These Masterbatches absorb light in the UV spectrum and emit light in the blue region of the visible spectrum, Which provides an appearance of brightness and freshness. Optical Brightener is specifically prepared to impart brightness to plastic products without making them appear blue. Optical brightener Masterbatch is also called fluorescent whitening agents.

Advantages of Optical Brightener Masterbatch:

  • Improve color
  • Enhance the brightness of colored articles
  • Improve the smooth and glossy surface of a film
  • Improved Optical properties
  • Improve smooth surface

Application of Optical Brightener Masterbatch:

  • Agriculture Film, single and multi-layer films
  • Injection product
  • Blow Molding
  • Extrusion

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