Polyethylene Tank compound

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Plastic tanks are most commonly made of polyethylene. Compounds containing polyethylene polymer base and additives which enhance mechanical and thermal properties are known as PE Tank compound. Excellent chemical resistance, impact resistance, and easy molding characteristics are some of its benefits. It can be found in a wide variety of styles, including vertical, horizontal, cone bottom, cylindrical, double-walled, and many more, due to its economical price and wide range of uses.

pe tank

Properties and Process PE Tank

The tank compound has excellent molding properties, a high gloss and strength, a good balance between toughness and hardness, and good impact resistance. In addition to excellent impact strength and chemical resistance, rotational molding and the use of specific high-density linear polyethylene ensure excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions and ultraviolet rays as well as chemical agents. Because these tanks are not transparent, the stored liquid is not exposed to sunlight, which minimizes the growth of algae.

PE Tank

The color of the polyethylene tank can determine whether it blocks UV rays. Therefore, the darker the color of the tank, the more UV rays it absorbs. As a result, black polyethylene offers the most effective protection against UV rays and prevents algae growth. There are places where dark water storage tanks may not be acceptable. In contrast, algae growth will be accelerated in a single-layer polyethylene storage tank that is not black. For this reason, an inner layer of black polyethylene and an outer layer of non-black polyethylene can improve the ability of algae as well as color selection for the polyethylene water storage tank.

Polyethylene Tank compound

Application polyethylene compound for tanks

  • Transport: Small carriers to large fleets
  • Garden: This product is perfect for maintaining green areas and rural environments, where it can be used to refuel gardening vehicles
  • Leisure and hobbies: kayaks, mobile cabins

Application polyethylene compound for tanks

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